Annotum publishing platform V 2.0 is released

Good news from Annotum support, we’ll still wait at least a week before implementing version 2.0 in the event it has unforseen bugs


We have made every effort to ensure backward compatibility with existing Annotum sites and content, but in some cases newly-edited articles may be ‘un-published’ if they contain invalid XML. Please be sure to keep a complete backup of all WordPress and Annotum code as well as your WordPress database prior to installing this upgrade.

Key Features of v2.0

  • Entirely revamped editor with full XML validation and schema enforcement for “bulletproof” JATS-compliant XMLimage
  • Support for multiple-level sections and subsectionsimage
  • Support for rich text formatting in article abstractimage
  • Article templates (standard headings for new articles)image
  • Article tree viewer to navigate article structure
  • Syntax-aware XML code editor for power users
  • Now uses WordPress standard dialog for figures (images)image
  • Better support for WordPress revisions and version compareimage

Known Issues

  • In PDF output, images that cross a page boundary may be cut off. This can be avoided by forcing a new page prior to every image by making the following change to the assets/main/css/pdf.css file:image
  • PDF output support for non-latin character sets may be limited. As a workaround, replace the PDF fonts in plugins/anno-pdf-download/lib/dompdf/lib/fonts with fonts containing the desired character set. You will also need to update assets/main/css/pdf.css (see line 212).image
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