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Annotum publishing platform V 2.0 is released

Good news from Annotum support, we’ll still wait at least a week before implementing version 2.0 in the event it has unforseen bugs


We have made every effort to ensure backward compatibility with existing Annotum sites and content, but in some cases newly-edited articles may be ‘un-published’ if they contain invalid XML. Please be sure to keep a complete backup of all WordPress and Annotum code as well as your WordPress database prior to installing this upgrade.

Key Features of v2.0

  • Entirely revamped editor with full XML validation and schema enforcement for “bulletproof” JATS-compliant XMLimage
  • Support for multiple-level sections and subsectionsimage
  • Support for rich text formatting in article abstractimage
  • Article templates (standard headings for new articles)image
  • Article tree viewer to navigate article structure
  • Syntax-aware XML code editor for power users
  • Now uses WordPress standard dialog for figures (images)image
  • Better support for WordPress revisions and version compareimage

Known Issues

  • In PDF output, images that cross a page boundary may be cut off. This can be avoided by forcing a new page prior to every image by making the following change to the assets/main/css/pdf.css file:image
  • PDF output support for non-latin character sets may be limited. As a workaround, replace the PDF fonts in plugins/anno-pdf-download/lib/dompdf/lib/fonts with fonts containing the desired character set. You will also need to update assets/main/css/pdf.css (see line 212).image

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Annotum update getting close to completion

The Annotum group has finished Alpha and Beta versions, and is now on to Release Candidate 1 They write:


We’re pleased to announce the initial release candidate for Annotum 2.0. Barring any major issues, v2.0 will be released on in the coming days.

The OAS will wait until the official release has matured before porting it to it’s servers. In the meantime, the demo version 1.1 is in place.


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Progress being made on Annotum

The Annotum group is making progress, version 2.0 alpha has been announced.

They write:

Annotum 2.0 alpha 2 has been released.

What’s New?

  • Improved XML input and output
  • Editor improvements
  • Numerous Bug Fixes

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Waiting for an Annotum update

As members know, The Journal of the OAS is based on the Annotum publishing platform. Due to some changes in the base structure of WordPress code, some features of Annotum V1.1 became outdated and lost some functions. The official launch of the OAS is on hold pending a resolution to this problem, expected 30-90 days from now.

This message from Annotum Support

Here’s a very quick update on the progress toward fixes for Annotum 2.0 and WP 3.9+ compatibility. We are making solid progress, as you can see from the growing lists of closed issues and commits, but the downloadable version of Annotum 2.0 is still a couple of weeks away at best, and the update for the theme repository will follow sometime after that.

The current workaround is to downgrade WordPress to 3.8 or lower, but we realize this may not be a viable option for everyone. Thanks very much for your continued understanding and patience.

The OAS will keep track of the issue and advise when Annotum becomes updated and fully functional.

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Welcome to “The OAS”

We give you a voice where other societies may not.

The OAS is a membership society for the purpose of studying, discussing, and publishing about topics in atmospheric related earth sciences, including but not limited to meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, and climatology. It is open to anyone with an interest at the associate level, but student and full memberships also are offered.


  • Our motto: verum in luce means “truth in the light”.
  • Open science— a transparent online peer review process. Publishing peer reviewer comments (not names), will illuminate the process.
  • Open membership— Associate members, anyone who has an interest in atmospheric science, can join at a basic rate, providing interdisciplinary membership. Professional full members, will require a degree in atmospheric sciences or related earth disciplines, or three published papers in these subjects. Student members get a reduced rate, similar to associate members with option to full member elevation.
  • Open journal— The Journal of the OAS will be free to read by the public.
  • Author account—each author and co-author will have accounts for collaboration, submitting papers , making edits, and responding to reviewers.
  • No other journal asks this upfront: strict OAS Journal submission requirements—technical submissions to the Journal by members must include all source data, software/code, procedures, and documentation to ensure reproducibility of the paper’s experiment or analysis by external reviewers.
  • Emphasis on reasonable publication turnaround, generally three months or less.
  • Press releases will be sent with each publication, author assistance is offered in preparation.
  • Video production assistance for authors to explain papers and post to the journal page with your paper.
  • Organizational activity will be conducted entirely online – This means no costly brick and mortar infrastructure, no costly postal mailings journals, and no need for warehousing paper files and publications.
  • Online meetings conducted via Skype for organizational purposes.
  • Nomination/Voting for officers and other issues conducted online.
  • Monthly email newsletters and special online webcasts.

To join, please go to The OAS Membership Portal

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